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Here you will find information about when and why  the Sunderland Symphony Orchestra was started.

You also will find information relating to the people who made it happen, the music we play, and the places  where we perform.

Annual Reports, Newsletters, and Newspaper Reviews are added as they become available.

The Constitution and Bylaws of the Society may be read by clicking on the link.

If you would like any additional information to that provided herein,  please  see  the 'Contact Us' page.

The orchestra has been based at West Park United Reformed Church for concerts, rehearsals and general meetings since its formation.

In August 2014 the building closed as a United Reformed Church and the building was put up for sale. The owners of the building, the Northern Synod Trust of the United Reformed Church, allowed the orchestra to continue in residence until a sale was effected. The orchestra chairman acted as 'caretaker' for the building, on behalf of Synod, during this time.

The building was sold in February 2018 to a private individual, who has allowed the orchestra to continue meeting therein, for the time being.

An excellent relationship has developed between the new owner and the orchestra.

The building is now known simply as 'West Park Church'.

Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy your visit.



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