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Brian Naisby


Brian began playing percussion at the age of 41 years, after gaining inspiration from his trumpet playing daughter, Emma, who played with the Usworth Youth Orchestra.

At that time, Sunderland Symphony Orchestra  had only one tenor drum and one side drum, but, in October 2001 two timpani (25 and 28 inches) were purchased. The orchestra now has four new copper timpani, which are Brian's pride and joy.

Brian served his time at Wearmouth Colliery, Sunderland, and worked as an underground fitter until closure in December 1993.

As a mechanical engineer, Brian has held lecturing posts at Doncaster University, Hartlepool College and Wearside College in Sunderland. Taking a break from teaching, he was subsequently employed at Titan Fluid Technologies Ltd. (hydraulic and pneumatic engineers) in Washington

In April 2015, he accepted the position of Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Sunderland College.

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