Sunderland Symphony Orchestra

Formerly ‘City of Sunderland Millennium Orchestral Society (CoSMOS)’


Founded October 1999      Charity registration no. 1082431


Founders and Vice-Presidents – John Lennox, Mark Greenfield, Winifred Lundgren

Musical Director – Ray Farr

NEWSLETTER – Summer 2010


Charity name and constitution

  At the Annual General Meeting, the name of the charity was changed to 'Sunderland Symphony Orchestra' for marketing and public relations reasons,

since this is the name by which the orchestra is known to the public.

  A special general meeting was held to bring the constitution up to date, but with no alteration to the aims and objectives, which remain exactly the same as previously.

  In accordance with the wishes of the three founders, the original name of the charity

will be maintained (in small print) on all programmes and various other documents

so that our heritage is not forgotten.

  The changes have all been accepted by the Charity Commission.

  The orchestra's bank account is now in the name of 'Sunderland Symphony Orchestra’

and all cheques and payments should be so addressed.


At the Annual General Meeting, the following appointments were made:






David Mills            

0191 549 1784


Neil Turnbull

0773 459 2976


Diana Hauber

0191 549 3925


Kathleen Mills

0191 549 1784

Membership Secretary

Peter Chapman

0191 372 3919

Fund Raiser

Sue Sweeney

0776 709 3331

Orchestra manager Donna Checksfield 01388 601036

Sponsorship and support have been received from

The Vardy Foundation and

The Rt. Hon. The Lord Foster of Bishop Auckland.

Our Musical Director has started a series of sectional workshops for the different divisions of the orchestra.

The first one was for the cello section, led by

Gabriel Waite from Northern Sinfonia.

This was followed by a workshop for the second violins

led by our own leader, David McCourt.


The orchestra has a number of vacant desks at the moment - a recruitment drive will be started very soon. We have vacancies for bassoon, brass and strings. Please contact the Musical Director, Ray Farr, at  or by phone at 0771 743 3613.


Rehearsal room

The church hall at West Park which is used for rehearsals has been carpeted throughout to help improve the acoustics in the room.


Percussion instruments

A new orchestral triangle and a pair of orchestral cymbals have been purchased  to enhance the percussion section.

A representative from 'Northern Percussion has examined the instruments of this section which are owned by the orchestra and made recommendations. Some of the instruments are satisfactory, others not.

If implemented, his recommendations would cost

about £10,000.00.

The orchestra's asset register/inventory has been brought up to date. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of a number of musical instruments purchased by the orchestra are unknown -can anyone help? They may have been loaned out or borrowed, but we need to know what has happened to them, since they are listed on our insurance portfolio.

  Of particular concern are: 14 music stands, an oboe, a bassoon, a xylophone,

3 acoustic guitars, six violins and a trombone bag.

If anyone can help shed light on these, please contact the Vice-Chairman.

Staffing of concerts


Serving refreshments, selling programmes, stewarding and maintenance of security.

Have you a husband, wife, partner, family member or friend who might be willing

to join the small enthusiastic group of helpers at concerts?

We are severely understaffed in all areas.

If you think you can help please contact the editor, address below.


Future Events for your Diary


Next two concerts

(Venues to be confirmed)

Orchestral concert

Saturday 23rd October 2010


Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2

Soloist  -  Dr. Patrick Zuk


Christmas concert

Saturday 18th December 2010


Provisional concert dates for 2011


(Venues to be confirmed)


Saturday  19th March 

With vocalist


Saturday  2nd July

With instrumental soloist


Saturday  22nd October

Last Night of the Proms


Saturday  17th December

Christmas Concert





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