Sunderland Symphony Orchestra


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1999 + 2000


In harmony for first movement of the CoSMOS

16th November 1999,

Welcome to Christmas
from the CoSMOS

January 2000,


Orchestra's note of hope for the future
Saturday 1st January 2000,

Classical favourites bring delight
Friday 3rd March 2000,

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Music to make our refugees feel at home
Thursday, 22nd June 2000,

Derek's music will please Queen Mum
Friday, 22nd September 2000,

Sailing smoothly through the Cosmos

Thursday, 28th September 2000,

Violinist David enjoys the musical
spotlight in orchestra

Thursday, 12th October 2000,

It's music to all our ears
Friday, 17th November 2000,

Concert strikes a chord with fund-raisers

Tuesday, 21st November 2000,


All right on the night
for proms

Monday, 17th September 2001,

In Fine Voice
Saturday 30th December 2000,

Registered and drumming up a storm
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