Sunderland Symphony Orchestra


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2003 + 2004


Singing solo adds string to Gemma's bow
Thursday, 24th April 2003,


Classical favourites in music and song
Monday, 28th April 2003,

Land of hope and music
Friday, 15th August 2003,


Father and son's double act
Friday, 12th September 2003,

Old favourites and a few surprises
Monday, 15th September 2003,

Roadshow finale
Monday, 5th January 2004,


Deborah's not worried about taking centre stage at anniversary concert
Tuesday, 24th February 2004,

Classical choice
Monday, 1st March 2004,

Orchestra in church concert
Saturday, 1st May 2004,

Right blend of sound and vision for concert
Wednesday, 19th May 2004,

Concert remembers the war veterans
Saturday, 18th September 2004,

An evening of musical excellence
Monday, 20th September 2004,

Symphony concert success
Thursday 23rd December 2004,

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