Sunderland Symphony Orchestra


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Basic funding is from membership fees, patronage fees, concert fees and from donations. Additional funding during the following years  has  been gratefully received from the following organisations, for which we give thanks:



West Park United Reformed Church. The Elders and Members were staunch supporters of the  Orchestra from the beginning, until the closure of the church in 2014.


Several of the members continue to support the orchestra in various ways.


West Park United Reformed Church



The Sunderland City Council has supported the orchestra since its formation through the Community Chest, and in 2013/14 through the Strategic Initiative Budget.



Gentoo gave a grant to purchase

a photocopier.


The Sir James Knott Trust gave money for the purchase of music.


The Community Foundation gave

a grant to pay Musical Director's fees.


Community Foundation

The Vardy Foundation has given

a grant to further the aims of the orchestra.



The Sunderland Lions Club gave a number of grants for the purchase of musical instruments.

The Co-operative Food at Northmoor Road, supported the orchestra through their 'Project Connect' scheme.  


Arts Council England gave a substantial grant in March 2018  in support of the orchestra's two year 'Coming of Age Project', during 2018 - 2020.


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