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Sir Peter's gift in tune with needs of our orchestra

Thursday, 1st July 2010

(Article published with kind permission of Northeast Press Limited,
Sunderland Echo)

Entrepreneur Sir Peter Vardy has been banging the drum for Sunderland Symphony Orchestra.

He met with Ray Farr, the musical director of the orchestra, and presented him with a cheque of an undisclosed amount to sponsor the musicians through the Vardy Foundation.

Money donated will be used to develop the orchestra and enhance the quality of performances delivered in Sunderland.

A series of training workshops have already begun, led by guest experts, and top International soloists have been booked for future concerts.

Following its formation In October 1999, the orchestra has developed to a high standard and has given concerts in numerous locations, including Sunderland Minster,  the Sunderland Empire and the Sage, Gateshead.

The next concerts will be in The Minster, tomorrow, at 7.30pm and in the Durham Town Hall on Sunday, at 7pm in connection with the Durham International Brass Festival

The featured music will be Vaughan‑Williams Tuba Concerto and Hummel's Trumpet Concerto.


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